Thursday, October 28, 2010

1946 WISES NZ Post Office Directory for THAMES

Well having saved the pennies I got this CD from Colonial Books, not expecting tooooo much, so as not to be disappointed, but what a gem. 2 CDs and loads of names.

Often with the Wises Directories you dont always get full listings for families not in business and can be disappointed when the streets are lumped together with all householders alphabetically and not by street intersect.

For THAMES it is perfect and streets are generally laid out in order so you can work out where your family was  living.

My Grandfather F E CORNES is in Pollen Street (Right side from Burke Street, between the Walter Street and Mary Street intersects) about where the Vets office is now.

My other Grandfather C BARKER is in Sealey Street (Left side from the sea, just before the Sandes Street intersect). This I knew, it is the old house on the Eastern corner of Sealey and Edward Street - but still great to see in print!

Definetly worth a look and may help solve some electoral roll problems all round New Zealand.

I have many earlier directories available for perusal at my website.

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