Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thames (NZ) Photographs at Thames Museum

If you are looking for old photos of Thames, a visit to the The Treasury and the Thames Museum will always prove worthwhile. Searching for information on early sports in Thames, an enquiry to the Thames Museum, revealed lots of hidden treasures.

There are many photos of sporting teams including: Bowling cricket, rowing, rugby and hockey. Many of these are fully named; great news for the family historian!

One of my favourites was the photo below. Showing the early sports ground in Sealey Street, now part of Thames High School block. I'm still hunting for evidence of a wood chopping club in Thames; but it provides wonderful example of the wood chopping events that took place at different fetes and sports days of early Thames.

The Thames Historical Museum is open 1-4pm daily and contact details are available via the link provided.

Early Sports Ground Thames
The area above the wooden fence is Thames High School, and Baillie Street.
The houses on the hill to the right are in Rolleston Street
Source: Thames Historical Museum Photo Collection

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