Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thames (NZ): Another Hotel Closes

Well, what would the Thames-ites of old make of the closures of their beloved hotels.

The Imperial Hotel closed its doors last week...hopefully to reopen at some stage. The town of a 100 plus hotels has now but two operating: The Salutation and the Junction Hotel. Trade taken over by bars and restaurants a plenty.

The Imperial Hotel on Pollen Street & Sealey Street corner opened c1868, soon after the goldfields opened. "Famous for its speciality drinks, was one the oldest hotels in central Pollen Street. Situated on the corner of Sealey Street, it was later moved by timberjack and wedged across Pollen Street to its present position"

Early publicans included: William Clements, E Morrow, O'Hagan, Rayson, Francis amy, John Fogarty, Penk, Mason, Rennick, James Foy, Michael and Kate Fallon, Fred Cowling, William & Fanny Constant and James Agnew. That only takes us to 1900!

More information and photos available at The Treasury, Thames.

*****The hotel did indeed reopen and is still operating as of December 2012*****