Friday, November 23, 2012

Thames (NZ): Auckland Star Obituaries & Thames Pre 1930 Businesses

Just to let you know about one new resource, and the update of an old one at The Treasury, Thames.

The Auckland Star Obituary Collection for the Thames area 1870s to 1945 is on the shelves. Although not quite to plan, it covers the obituary notices that appeared for residents/past residents of The Thames. Gained from paperspast, it may help you find some relatives that you have missed in the searches. It is indexed and has over 6500 entries, catalogued under 'obituary subject' and 'mention in obituary.' Amazing how much information was given, especially the ships that people arrived on.

The Pre 1930 Businesses of Thames have been revised, with new information added. The aim with this collection is to identify where possible: Business name, owner/s, location, start and finish dates. Anyone with information on these businesses is encouraged to add information to the file. A massive scrapbook, that hopefully helps researchers with their first step following a business or family member. This is indexed, and at present has over 1500 entries.

The Treasury Indexing group were hard at work last week when I visited - so there is an increasing number of resources indexed, to make it easier for the researchers of the Thames Valley/Coromandel Peninsula area.

Owning a business in Brown Street was always a challenge in the early flood years.
Above: Corner Albert and Brown Street 21/4/1923 (looking up Albert Street to hills)
Photo courtesy of: BNZ Archives