Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thames (NZ): The first hotels

With the number of hotels found to date soaring above 140, it was interesting to find at paperspast yesterday the entry for the first hotels. After all, how could Mackay and his associates entice the men of the dominion to come to The Thames, if there were no basic amenities.

The mention of the RUTLAND HOTEL run by Captain BUTT was the SHORTLAND HOTEL on the corner of Grey & Pollen Streets. The majority of which still stands today.

The Digger's Rest Hotel I don't currently have associated with MULLIGAN. There were three Digger's Rest Hotels which adds to the complexity - one of which is more usually called the Miner's Rest up the Hape Creek. Michael MULLIGAN is a well known hotelier in the town and is named at many hotels around the field.

Mr NICHOLL's was an established shopkeeper and his DUKE OF EDINBURGH Hotel was well positioned to catch the trade offloading at the Shortland landing later wharf area.


Looking north from the landing place on the Kauaeranga River showing part of Shortland, Thames with Grey Street (left to right, centre) and Butt's Shortland Hotel and American Theatre, (centre), on the corner of Pollen Street

Thames Coromandel Region (N.Z.)
Source: 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-857'