Monday, December 16, 2013

Thames (NZ): Thamesites at Home - The Taipari Residence

Above: Looking from Grey Street, the Taipari residence in the centre on the hill
What a grand site it must have been as you entered Shortland in the late 1860s to see the grand houses of two of the most important residents, perched on the hills overlooking the growing town. The Taipari residence was to the south directly opposite the small Clarence Street that ran west off Bowen (now Rolleston) Street. The other house to the north, was James Mackay's.
 Above: a 1900s view of the house, of Edwin (Eurine) Hena Taipari, and his family
Below: An early view looking down towards the Shortland landing area and Grey & Pollen Streets

The house existed until the late 1950s-60s, when it was then demolished. The site utilised for Toyota Car Factory housing.
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