Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thames (NZ): 100 years ago - 6th February 1914

Originally I was looking for how the town of Thames remembered the 'signing of the Treaty of Waitangi,' one hundred years ago, but needed to look afar for a mention of the event.
In the Fielding Star 6 February 1914 the anniversaries of the day were named: Queen Anne born 1664, Charles II died 1685, Seringapatam besieged 1792, Treaty of Waitangi signed 1840, Lord Monteagle died 1866. The Press 6 February 1914, gave  a summary of the events before and after the signing of the Treaty.
Back in Thames, the news of the day was:
Death: Mr John Eden BROWN of Puriri had died the day before at Thames Hospital
Electric Light Service: The Thames Borough Council were able to finance Householders for the installation of up to 5 lights
Road Sweeper: The local council wanted to buy a road sweeper, it was noted that at times in Pollen Street Manure was blowing everywhere and that this could be a health hazard.
Coast Trip: 'Manuhiri' shared his day trip down the Thames Coast to Somebody's Bay (19 miles from Thames), The delights of mussels cooked in a kerosene tin was shared with the reader
Queen's Hotel: Was open and offered first class accommodation along with Campbell & Ehrenfried's famous beers
Queens Hotel located on the S-E intersect of Queen and Albert Street