Friday, June 13, 2014

Thames (NZ): Missing 1939 - Miss Christophus

In 1939, Bowen Street was the section of road leading from the Hape Creek to south of Banks Street. Today it is known as Rolleston Street. World War Two had started and the posties would have been busy delivering letters around the town from their men overseas. Amongst the letters was this one sent from Auckland on 11 December 1939 to Miss Christophus (Crhristophus) of Bowen Street, Thames.
The post office tried to deliver it, but eventually on the 27/28 December appear to have returned the letter. The mystery never solved of who Miss Christophus was. Even with all the resources available today this appears still to be a 'brick wall' as to who this lady was. A possible conclusion being that the surname was changed, but many derivations exist. There were a few men by this name in the South Island during the early gold rushes, but they too may have changed their name to perhaps Christopher, Christoff and so on.  Directories, newspapers, electoral rolls to date hold no clues.

Do you know who Miss Christophus was?