Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thames (NZ): Rising Sun Hotel

Amazing news that you can now easily download high resolution photos from Te Papa. Thanks to this, you can now see the RISING SUN HOTEL, that was on the corner of Golden Crown Street and Haven Street. Directly opposite the MOANATAIARI HOTEL.

Look through the mining structure in the front and you will see written on the top of the building, the Rising Sun Hotel. Margaret Peckham is the last listed publican at the hotel in 1875.

Top: The View south along Golden Crown Street.
Lower: the Golden Crown Street running into Owen Street.
Source: Burton Bros Photograph
Courtesy of Te Papa
The full photo directly above, shows just how busy this northern section of Grahamstown was.
One can see how quickly many of these buildings were built, as already many are in a very bad state of repair. The buildings south of the Hotels have large sections of roof missing in many instances. Boom to bust, many are obviously already deserted.

Further information on Thames Hotels available:
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