Monday, October 13, 2014

Thames (NZ): Gold mining related videos on Youtube

When you visit old goldmining towns like Thames, it is well worth the visit to go and see examples of the mining process. Whether it be to the Goldmine experience, the Thames School of Mines or the Bella Street Pumphouse - you will learn a little of what the town was like and what the miners did at Thames.

There are also videos on 'youtube' that demonstrate and explain some of the mining equipment used by early miners. Below are some wonderful examples from Kae and Evan:

Berdan Grinder

Five Head Quartz Battery

How to use a gold pan

Pelton Wheel Operation

Water sluicing used in gold mining

There is also a copy of a talk given by Kae on "Thames Goldfields Now and Then."
This is well worth a look, as it takes you on a walk to the mines in the hills behind Thames, you have the chance to hear what it would have been like for the miners and their families who lived in places like Punga Flat, Moanataiari Creek and up the Karaka.
Moanataiari Valley Batteries, mines, shops and residences
Source: Alexander Turnbull Library Collection PAColl-7395-1
 I couldn't resist adding this crop of the centre of the photo. Query the Mine Manager's house - fully fenced, a small garden and a wonderful little bay window to attract all the northerly sun.

Further information on mining also available: at Kae's Gold Miners database and at The Treasury.

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