Monday, January 22, 2018

Thames (NZ): Thamesite Albert Gordon in magazine article

There is a four page article on Lieutenant Albert William Gordon (1888-1917) in the latest New Zealand Memories Magazine (Issue 130 Feb/Mar 2018).

Written by Roger Strong, the article covers the story of Albert's life from birth, until he Died of Wounds 12 August 1917. Albert's parents were Frederick and Margaret Gordon, his father was a butcher. The family lived in Pollen Street, the butcher shop in the 1900s was located at the Grahamstown end of town, just south of Wood's Grocery store. Gordon attended Tararu and Kauaeranga Boys' School at Thames.

After leaving school Albert worked for a local builder and then in Auckland was recorded as a Master Builder on his enlistment. His love of flying led him to train at Kohimarama and he became a member of the Royal Flying Corps. The rest is sadly history, and Thamesite Albert Gordon became the "first New Zealand trained pilot to be killed in action in World War I." (Roger Strong, NZ Memories Issue 130)
Thames Star 17 August 1917

Albert's cenotaph entry at the Auckland War Memorial Museum backgrounds information on his time in the Royal Flying Corps. Lay a poppy at the site, and remember Albert Gordon of Thames.

(New Zealand Memories Magazines are Available at bookstores if you don't have a subscription - Carsons Bookshop Thames had a few copies left this pm - otherwise check your local Library)

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