Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thames (NZ): Rose & Crown Hotel, Graham's Town

A 'new' treasured photograph has been posted in the Sir George Grey Collection at Auckland Libraries, and shows another previously unseen/identified hotel.

The view is from the top of Upper Albert Street, looking down on the intersect of Albert Street and Pollen Street, then along Pollen Street. The 'new' hotel is lower centre, and given the location SHOULD be the Rose & Crown Hotel. To the left (over the road) is the Fountain Hotel at the intersect of Campbell and Pollen Street.

 The information below is from my booklet on the Hotels of Thames.

The full photograph below shows part of Grahamstown, then on to Shortland Town. Main landmarks are: Government buildings in Queen Street (centre, far right), The Thames School, Kirkwood Street (upper centre, porch on left end), Smale's Folly, aka boarding house (long building top left), and the St George's Hall trading as Cruikshank, Smart & Co, Pollen Street (two storied building centre left). Meandering Karaka Creek can be spotted top left of the school.
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 536-Album-285-3-1