Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Thames (NZ): Thames Hospital unveils carving - 'Te tirohanga'

The carving ready to be unveiled,
foyer Thames Hospital
Thames Hospital was established 150 years ago, today at the hospital, the unveiling of a carving recognised the relationship between local iwi and the hospital.

The carving was blessed and unveiled at 9am, 2 October 2018. Present were local iwi led by Kaumatua Wati Ngamane.

The carving is named 'Te Tirohanga' and is the work of local carvers.
Top left: The blessing begins. Top right: The carving is unveiled.
Above: There ceremony continues in the foyer of Thames Hospital.

Head carver Darin Jenkins, gave a full description of the carving, which has been done using locally sourced kauri.

In the centre are photographs of the Thames Hospital c1900, that give the impression of having been etched into the wood.


ABOVE: Full view of the carving  'Te Tirohanga'.
BELOW: Closer look at the central carving of the Maori Chief and the Nurse,

ABOVE: Closer look left at the central photos of the hospital that have been incorporated into the carving, And right the kiwi and query huia combined to represent the native birds of Aortearoa.

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