Saturday, December 15, 2018

Thames (NZ): "With Them Through Hell" WWI Book & Thames Connections

The publishers have been busy over the WW100 commemorations, and recently there was a new release that has reference to several Thamesites and others from around the district.

The book is "With Them Through Hell, New Zealand Medical Services in the First World War."
Written by Anna Rogers, it covers the medical services involved in the Great War. While repetitive of some other publications, the book aims to pull all the groups together rather than focus on the usual nurses or doctors. A beautifully presented hardcover book, 495 pages and published by Massey University Press. (copy available at Thames Library)

Our Thames trained nurse Cora Beattie Anderson is mentioned and used to highlight the stresses placed on those who cared for others.  When "Cora Beattie Anderson, mentioned in despatches and holder of the Royal Red Cross, was boarded on 10 May 1919, the diagnosis was debility caused by the 'stress and strain' of active service." page 406

Life onboard the hospital ships is discussed and mention is made of Sister Clara Hawkins from Thames who was aboard the Maheno.

Well worth a read, and I look forward to the chapters on dentistry, horses, and the many health support roles that were undertaken during World War One.