Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life on the Thames Goldfields

Many of the miners were immigrants from other countries which included England and Ireland, with many of us descended from Cornish miners. Some came alone and others with their families. Life was tough during those early years after the field opened in August 1867. Maybe they lived in a tent, punga whare or were lucky enough to live in a small miners cottage.

My maternal grandmother's Grandfather, Great-grandather and Great, Great Grandfather all arrived in the 1870s, with their families.  The Vercoe's lived up to the left of this photo, in Hill Street, which was part of Block 27. As the rain falls today, spare a thought for what the living conditions would have been like for the families of the early goldfield years.

Karaka Creek 1870s, with Shortland township to the south
(Diamond Jubilee 1867-1927 by F Weston)

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