Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Thames articles on-line at The Treasury

A few new articles online via The Treasury website.

Kae has updated the page on the old soldiers of Thames. This includes the KOPU HALL HONOUR BOARD (photo and names) and also expanded the area for men who served in other wars. This includes a new link to information on men who served in the BOER WAR.

There is also the full article on MATRONS OF THAMES HOSPITAL. An amazing group of women, who dedicated themselves to the service of their patients and the hospital as a whole.

Another snapshot section taken from the magnificent V C BROWNE collection of 1947
The section of Queen Street in the centre, with Cochrane St running top to right hand side.
Showing the back of the now Treasury building (ex Library). Looking at the busy shops that were on the eastern side of the street

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