Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thames (NZ): Pre 1930 Business, Thames Fisheries

Special thanks to the researcher who sent in a copy of this business..not previously listed in my database. In the Directories there are listings for a shop called 'Thames Fisheries' from 1922, continuing into the 1940s. (at Least!) There are reports in the Thames Star for the "Thames Fisheries Ltd' and in 1920 they report that they have just purchased the freehold to one of their shops. Directory listings sadly do not give a location of the shop.

It was typical for Thames-ites to stand outside their shop while a photo was being taken, it is therefore assumed that Miss Amelia Beatrice (Beattie) James is the owner or in charge of the Thames Fisheries Shop.  Many questions remain..that's the fun side of genealogy to hunt for answers.

The Fretwork on the verandah poles is of interest to me to try and locate the situation of the shop. Shops at the Grahamstown end of Pollen Street, and in the area opposite Walter street all seem to have this style of pole. The tiling is unique and not dissimilar style to that of the famous Charles Palmer Sweet Shop (but without the mirrors). It reminds of the shops in the Mary to Pahau street block of Pollen Street, but the lack of a second storey or fancy top facade is confusing. If you have any ideas on location, please email me :) along with any business photos that you may have.
Thames Fisheries Shop
Miss Beattie James on the right