Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thames (NZ): Early Electricity supply

While many of us experienced several hours of no electricity last Saturday, it makes one realise how reliant we are on this resource.

One hundred years ago, Thamesites were relishing the few hours of electrical current they were being supplied and the joys of having street lighting in certain areas.

In September 1914, there had been 210 application for electric current. Technical details on the electrical plant were in the paper 10 June 1914, along with reports that businesses were busy changing over from gas to electricity supply.

By 1915, there were 308 households connected to the Mains. They were being supplied on certain afternoons: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. A Street Lamp had been put at Karaka Creek Road, while the people around Clarence Street had petitioned for a lamp.

A few years later in 1919, the community was being reminded about how wonderful Electricity was, and they were urged to sign the Thames Valley Electric Scheme petition.

Thames Star 30 August 1919
Full details on the history of electricity supply in Thames can be found at the Hauraki Pump House in Cochrane Street, Thames.