Monday, May 27, 2013

Thames (NZ): Patriotism 1940 & Business Loyalty

In the 1980s the catchphrase of 'BUY NEW ZEALAND MADE' often was heard and till this day. BUY THAMES is a phrase I first saw in the 1870s as Thamesites struggled to find an economic solution outside the goldfields.

In 1940 with the war in Europe, this was again heard here in Thames. As the Thames Star Newspaper in July of that year ran a special supplement on the history of Thames and the way forward.

One of the Advertisers was JOHN GALLOWAY, Shopkeeper, showing his support and loyalty for the town. Little did he know, that two years later, two of his boys would die while serving their country in World War Two. Jack (John) GALLOWAY died 26/07/1942 at El Alamein and Don (Donald) GALLOWAY died 23/09/1942 in Italy.