Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thames (NZ): Update on Fish Shop

Thanks to the help of Thamesite David, we have solved the location of the shop in a previous posting.

We had a photo of Miss Amelia Beatrice (Beattie) James outside the Thames Fisheries Shop.  The location was not clear, but thanks to a relook it is possible to see a house reflected in the glass which matches exactly with the house that used to be on the corner of Walter and Pollen Streets...south of Donkin's Garage.
Above the Thames Fisheries shop on the right, note the house photo reflection

1947 photo showing corner of Pollen and Walter Streets. The shop would be to the right of the car
Source: part of V C Browne Collection
 The reason for the shop not being identifiable today, is answered in the photo collection by B Murch. Photo 125 below show the Holiday shop and the doorway for the Majestic Restaurant...the buildings having been rebuilt following a fire.
Source: The Thames Library, B Murch Collection