Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thames (NZ): Sperry Home

During the early goldfield days, Thamesites were born in tents, raupo huts and houses. Assistance given by women who were experienced in childbirth, before trained nurses and midwives were available. The name 'Sperry Home,' will be known to many as the birthplace of a parent or grandparent. Located on the north side of the Karaka Creek, off Bella Street, the Sperry home operated for many years in the early 1900s.
Run by Midwife Mrs Isabella Smith and her mother Mrs Jane Waddell. The private maternity home provided vital maternity care before the hospital opened a specialised Annexe in 1924. Today the name lives on, the hospital café is known as 'Sperry Cafe' - in memory of the home that was located on the grounds at the back of the hospital.
Photo of the old Sperry Home, off Karaka Creek Road, on Sperry Lane
These houses were all moved/demolished and are part of the helicopter landing area at Thames Hospital
 Douglas Owen Barker, was one of the babies born at Sperry Home to parents Jane and Cliff Barker on 24th August 1923. Doug died 25 years ago, on the 25th June 1988.

Ivy Cornes & Doug Barker at Whangamata Beach late 1940s