Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thames (NZ): 'The Thames Sensation' by M Hawkes

The Thames Sensation by Meghan Hawkes

On the Tauranga Kete site is the above story by Meghan, a regular correspondent for the 'Peninsula Press' in Thames and author of books featuring tales of Thames.

The Story starts:
"The day you marry, the day you die, the day you marry, the day you die,” sang the train wheels to John Lennox as the Thames train steamed and whistled its way to Paeroa in August 1902.  Short, but well-built, the dapper young man sported cropped haircut, a dark moustache that gave him an almost foreign appearance, readymade but well fitting dark clothes, neat India-rubber shoes and straw hat.  He also wore a white stand-up collar and black tie."

Click here to find the rest of the tale and how MICHAEL WHELAN was involved in the events of 1902.
Headstone of MICHAEL WHELAN at Shortland Cemetery, Thames
(Photo courtesy of Meghan Hawkes)

Inscriptions reads:
In Loving Memory of Michael Whelan beloved husband of Margaret K. Whelan died 17th May 1905 aged 29 years also Florence Lillian second loved daughter died 13th August 1930 aged 26 years  "Loved by all"