Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thames (NZ): The Treasury Archives 17th September 2013

Tuesday is always a busy day at The Treasury building in Thames. The Indexing group meet to index the resources available at The Treasury, and this information is then available in The Treasury index. The Index aims to make researching easier and more effective, the plus being that you can check it out online from your home.

Today when I dropped in the rooms were empty - the indexers were found outside inspecting the cladding that is going on the walls. Hard to do justice to explaining how great and effective the building is looking. Without saying anymore...a sneak preview is below. Watch this space for more, as the whole building is transformed...from chrysalis to monarch butterfly phase is underway.
A few of The Treasury Indexers,
take a break to inspect the cladding on the west wall of The Treasury Archives building
Tuesday 17th September 2013

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