Friday, October 25, 2013

Thames (NZ): Billiard saloons

There were many billiard rooms in Thames, from the time the goldfields opened. Hotels like the Brian Boru boasted a fine, top quality, full size table. Private saloons continued on and were still in existence into the 1960s. The one on the right was George Cosgrove's 1940s-1950s, located just north of the Pollen and Walter Street intersect.
1967 Centennial Parade, the Billiard Saloon sign can be seen above the TAXI STAND sign.
This is just north of the Bank at the corner of Pollen and Sealey Streets.
The Billiard Saloon in the photo above was owned by R Hignett in the 1942-1950 Street Directories. Then the owner was Bart Willoughby in the late 1950s. Information on billiards at Thames is contained within many of the oral histories at The Treasury, including mention of representative players. Below is the 1966 Thames Billiards team, that won the 1966 George Cosgrove Cup. From the right: Fred Cornes, B Senior and C Sutcliffe. As a child, there was nothing more exciting than walking the corridor to take a sneak at the billiard tables and the games in progress.
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