Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thames (NZ): Te Aroha's World War One Soldiers

The WW100 Project at The Treasury has begun. We have already had some generous donations of material relating to the JENKINS, MILNE and MCCALL families.
Updates have been made to the main WORLD WAR ONE Treasury webpage by Webmaster Kae. There are still a few men to identify so please contact the site direct, if you can help.
The area currently being researched for WWI involvement, stretches to the south - TE AROHA. Over the years the mining activities in the area have kept the bonds strong between areas such as Coromandel, Te Aroha, Thames and Waihi. For instance many Thames families have strong links to Te Aroha, mining families that moved from the goldfields to mine or farm around Te Aroha.

A new blog has been launched by Andrea, that features the men from the Te Aroha area who fought in World War One. Called TE AROHA - GENEALOGY & HISTORY. Other information will be added over the next months. There are for instance some births for the area.
Check the blog and see if any of your Thames relatives or their descendants are included, One of my relatives is on the list - My Great Grandfather Alfred's nephew:
William Cornes was the son of William John and Charlotte Cornes, of Muirs Reefs, Te Puke, Auckland. Native of Te Aroha, Thames
Click here for: Cenotaph Record