Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thames (NZ): 6th November 1913 (100 years ago)

One hundred years ago, the paper was full of advertising luring the customer to the delight of summer clothing and shoe requirements. On a sadder note the rumblings of strikes and unrest filled many columns. It was nearly a year since the unrest at Waihi, during the 1912 Miners' Strike.


  • Health News: The Native Health Nurse reported to the Thames Hospital Board that the all local pahs had been visited and the health of the Maori was good. Pahs visited included: Kerepeehi, Waitoka, Tirihoa, Tui Pa, Parawai, Kopu, Kirikiri, Paeroa and Te Moananui Flat.
  • Town Planning: The local Council felt it was time to look at the planning of Thames and sought the help of Mr A M Myers of Auckland. The towns Motto was: FEAR OF NONE, FAVOUR TO NONE, JUSTICE TO ALL.
  • Franklin Street Store: Block 27 residents could now obtain the Thames Star from Mrs McLean's shop at the corner of the Terrace and Franklin Street.
Above: View from above the intersection of Sealey and Hill Streets. The Franklin Street Store is marked.