Friday, November 22, 2013

Thames (NZ): The Treasury INDEX

Drum roll please....
There are now over 250,000 entries in the Treasury Index!!!!
I've mentioned before the hive of activity at The Treasury on a Tuesday morning, well here are the results. Multiple resources have been indexed, to give an amazing total of indexed records, achieved in just one year.

Sincere thanks must go to the Hauraki Indexers, who for many years met weekly at the School of Mines. Now The Treasury has a group of indexers who have continued on with the task, to help make researching the Thames-Hauraki area even easier.

Give it a try now.
Click Here and enter a surname or topic.
Did you get many results?
If you want to know into the Treasury at Thames or send them an email.

Looking down Pollen Street, from Upper Albert Street
Photo source: F J Causley Collection, courtesy of M Heberley