Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thames (NZ): Tararu Postcard to Miss Harold

For sale at an online auction site, is a postcard addressed to Miss Mabel Harold of Mt Pleasant, Thames. The writer is Nell of Tararu, who remarks that "no news this time for it is not long since I last saw you." How easy it is to forget, where we may get on the phone or email, take a drive round town to see some one - that this was not the case a hundred years ago. Living at either ends of Thames would have meant that you may well not have regularly seen or heard from family and friends.
Peter and Annie Harold lived at Mt Pleasant Thames in the early 1900s. Peter is recorded as a farmer in the street directories. There is a child by the name of Annie Mary Mabel Harold who is born to a Peter and Annie in 1886 - the birth is registered in Thames. Mt Pleasant being the flat area below Shortland Cemetery, now all residential housing, was the site for farming and orchards in the early years of the town.

The postcard dates to post 1900, with the use of the one penny universal stamp on the back.

By 1911 the Harold family were living in Mackay Street, Thames. (Electoral Roll below). In 1915, Annie and Peter Harold received the news that their son Edward had died overseas, during World War One.
From a history and genealogy perspective, this is a quick example of how you can take one item of memorabilia and turn it into a story that will enhance your genealogy journey.