Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thames (NZ): WWI Thames Book launch 8 Dec 2014

Yes its official - we finally have  a completed book and the launch is just a few weeks away.

The flier (right) has full details.

Special thanks must go to all the many, many people who have donated so much information, that in turn made writing the book a reality.

Pre-orders are being taken for the book $50 plus postage, contact The Treasury for details.

 In closing, there will be many more things that come in about Thames (and the greater Hauraki) and the First World War; as a group we hope that the above book is a start to telling the story of Thames & the Hauraki during WWI.

In recent weeks a new publication has come to hand that has some words of relevance. From Leaves from the Book of my Life by Rev James Milne MA.(The Minister at the St James' Church during WWI):
"One hesitates to write concerning the war. It is so much in its consequences with us still...I remember, I was on my way to St James' to take the evening service, when meeting a friend, an Anglican, on his way to St George's, I learned from him the latest in regard to the international situation, viz., that England had declared war on Germany...Thereafter, till the close of the great conflict, we never failed in our worship to pray for the cessation of hostilities..."

The Book from Gold Mine to Firing Line will take you on a journey and hopefully uncover a few surprises along the way. Most of all, it is a chance to stop and remember the men and women who served in the war, and their families back at The Thames.

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