Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thames (NZ): Thames nurses with a military connection

There is a new book available that contains information on our Thames Nurses who served in the military service. This covers the years 1915-2015.

The title is: 100 Years  New Zealand Military Nursing, New Zealand Army Nursing Service - Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps 1915 - 2015. The book is written by Sherayl McNabb. It builds on a previous title "New Zealand Military Nursing" that was co-written with David Corbett in 1990.

Considerable information and photos that cover the history of military nursing. On the front cover is one of 'our' Thames trained nurses, Clara Hawkins. Clara returned to the hospital after the war, where she completed a couple of years as Matron of the Thames Hospital. In the top photo (right), Sister Clara Hawkins is seated in the front row, first on the left.

For more information go to Sherayl's website:
New Zealand Military Nursing.