Monday, November 6, 2017

Thames (NZ): Call for stories related to Thames Hospital

HELP!!! We need your stories. Did you work at Thames Hospital, maybe you still do...we would love to have a short story from as many as possible! See details and advert below.

This project is a joint venture co-ordinated by the Thames Hospital 150 Group, with the support of  the Treasury (The Coromandel Heritage Trust).
  • The first True Tales written was ‘True Tales of Northern Coromandel’, published by The Coromandel Town History Research Group.  They had such a good response that they went on to publish two more books (see below).  It is a very easy way to collect stories which might otherwise be lost.  The Thames Hospital 150 Committee, with the assistance of The Coromandel Heritage Trust are using the True Tales format to collect stories about Thames Hospital – the book will be launched at the 150th Commemorations 2-4 November 2018.
  • The Tales can be about anything to do with the Thames Hospital and related departments.  They can be a memory, about an event, about the hospital, about family who worked at the hospital, about you.  They can be stories from patients, especially those that highlight treatment changes.

·         Must be a TRUE Tale
·         No more than 1500 words – can be much less
·         Should include where possible 1-3 photos   
·         The story must have a link to the Thames Hospital
·         Can be about your memories of Thames Hospital, staff, events, related groups
·         Can be about the history of the Thames Hospital and key events
·         You don’t have to be a writer – just tell your story! 
·         The committee reserves the right to make changes or omit certain things (but if they do you will see the changes before it goes to print), or may not include the story (may be too many handed in, may not be suitable)
·         Up to 100 stories needed – get in early to be included
·         Can write more than one stor
ENQUIRIES TO: or Ph 078685410

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