Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thames (NZ): Sunshine 9 November 2017

Yes its actually a beautiful sunny day (for the moment) on the old Thames Goldfield.

A time to reflect how Thames Hospital went from a two roomed cottage,  to a multiple building campus. Below left is the view in 1869, and right November 2017.
 In the next view looking south from the WWI Peace Memorial, Mackay Street stretches to the Kauaeranga River. Named after James Mackay the first Warden on the Thames Goldfield and the chief negotiator who met with local iwi, to secure a deal to open the land for mining in July 1867.
 Next we turn slightly west to take in the main street of Pollen named after Dr Daniel Pollen.
St James Church can be spotted lower centre - both the second and third church buildings remain  on the site. (Now connected by a central span of offices and meeting rooms)
 Finally to the Firth of Thames and the Kauaeranga River mouth entrance. The Hauraki Plains in the distance, with lots of mangroves dotted along the way!
 Lastly, a reminder of the view in late 1868, with the Thames Goldfield Hospital circled on the left.