Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thames (NZ): Old Friends and School site

1. Many people were devastated when the 'Old Friends' site was removed from the Trademe Group. A substitute for this is the Facebook site "Old Friends Aotearoa New Zealand Schools'.

You can ask questions, connect with other old school mates, browse and load photographs. Great for your own and genealogical research. Personally, I find it impossible to search for Thames School photos, but I am pointing out the site incase you can master searching through nearly 2000 albums.

2. There is a National Library project to save the information that was on the 'Old Friends' site.

See the progress of the project as at January 2019

To find Thames schools, click on Waikato on right hand side of map of North Island.

The next step is temperamental for now. CLICK on the yellow School label, Then click on T and scroll through till you get to Thames schools.

NB> For the following stage you will find it easier to always select open in a new window, otherwise you can end up going back to square one each time!!!

Parawai Playcentre - members and photos.

Thames South School - members, and photos. 

Thames Parawai School - members, and photos.

Thames North School - members and photos.

Thames Kindergarten - members and photos.

Thames Convent School - members and photos.

Thames Central School - members and photos.

Thames High School - members and photos.

EXAMPLES BELOW: (not sure if the links will all work?? It doesn't seem that at present you can enlarge the photos???
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Thames Central  
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Thames Central school (1936) Uploaded by Philip Quayle
If you are in this photo then you can link your name to your profile

Row 5 
gibson dunlop doug carruthers morris preece merv rhodes jack dovell colin camerom brian McClloyh rex lomas selwyn robinson desmond dickinson 
Row 4 
shirley wood winnie nicol phillip goldworthy phyllis moody kath nicol pat nightingale eva mathews margaret douglas marie royal ida she cheang 
Row 3 
dorothy doven ann thorn nan nicol john twentymen audrey carruthers nola roberts dot johnson flo jennings pam kennedy 
Row 2 
owen sutcliffe reg Mccarthy les brown colin hindman earl ockley philip quayle barry jensen daug sheppard 
Row 1 
? reg fronice ken thorn ? noel spurdle allan sutcliffe lloyd gooder

This one for Thames South 1934 is a larger photo.

Parawai School Foundation Year 1967

Give it a go and see if you can find some old school photos - relevant to your schooling and your ancestors / family from Thames. Good hunting :)