Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Thames (NZ): Photographic project at Totara Cemetery - the missing headstones?

There are a group of researchers / genealogy helpers who take photographs of headstones at our local cemeteries. These are then posted on sites such as Find A Grave that I have previously mentioned and linked. See Thames Cemetery Information Page.

Often descendants / relatives are disappointed when there is no grave marker, and wonder what went wrong? Was the family short of money? Were they waiting until both partners passed? Has the stone been stolen or broken and not replaced? This week I found one block that appears unique.

At the most southern boundary of the Totara Memorial Park Cemetery, Thames - is a block that has not one marker.  The block is 75, full Id from the TCDC Cemetery site is: 2PUBL-075-0001 to 2PUBL-075-0022. Council have no records of an event happening that could have damaged the markers, so the mystery remains. Further below are the names and details of those interred in Block 75.

The location of Block 75, circled below.

It is interesting that from aerial views of the cemetery it is possible to make out the change of terrain and some of the plot locations. 
Above: Aerial View of Block 75, and the southern boundary of the Totara Cemetery - there are no headstones or signs of old markers on the ground.
Below: View of the area from the ground. Lines drawn to indicate area of plots in Block 75.

Above: View looking north from Block 75, towards the parking area at the top.

Left: Block 74, Block 75 centre right, with no headstone markers. Right: Looking eastward along Block 75.

Interments in Block 75:
JENSEN, Agnes, Date Of Burial 19/10/1962, Aged 57 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0001
JENSEN, Clifford Arnold, Date Of Burial 17/05/1969, Age not recorded, Plot 2PUBL-075-0001 (1963 NZ Electoral Roll: Residence Willoughby Street, Thames, occupation pensioner)

Plot 2PUBL-075-0002 to 2PUBL-075-0008 inclusive - unused plots

LOUDEN, Richard Lepper, Date of Burial 08/04/1964, Aged 63 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0009

LUND, Arthur, Date of Burial 14/01/1964, Aged 52 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0010

Plot 2PUBL-075-0012 - unused plot

MARTIN, Edward Henry, Date of Burial 25/10/1955, Aged 73 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0012

Thames Star 6 December 1955
MARTIN, William Bowden, Date of Burial  7/12/1955, Aged 83 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0013. William was the son of Katherene and William Martin, and lived in Karaka Road, Thames. (see death notice right)

HAYS, Matthew, Date of Burial 5/3/1956, Aged 82 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0014

LEPS, Henry, Date of Burial 30/7/1956, Aged 80 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0015 (1954 NZ Electoral Roll: Residence Waiotahi Creek, Thames, occupation retired)

NEGUS, Charles Bernard, Date of Burial 5/3/1957, Aged 95 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0016 (1949 NZ Electoral Roll: Residence Puriri, occupation pensioner)

TREMAINE, Leonard, Date of Burial 7/9/1957, Aged 78 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0017 (1957 NZ Electoral Roll: Residence Tararu Road, Thames, occupation pensioner)

FLYNN, Leonard Francis, Date of Burial 21/3/1958, Aged 65 Years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0018 (1957 NZ Electoral Roll: Residence Tiki Road, Coromandel, occupation pensioner)

KING, Joseph Henry, Date of Burial 15/9/1958, Aged 80 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0019

KELLY, Jack, Date of Burial 24/4/1961, Aged 37 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0020

BALLE, Emanuel, Date of Burial 13/1/1962, Aged 80 years, Plot 2PUBL-075-0021

Plot 2PUBL-075-0022 - unused plot

Maybe you have one of these people in your extended family tree or perhaps recall a time when a headstone was on the site. If you have any further information please let me know.