Friday, February 15, 2019

Thames (NZ): 'Brits at the Beach' on the Kopu Bridge

What a glorious day it was at The Thames today, the old Kopu Bridge standing proud to the north of the new bridge.  The bridge gates were open awaiting a special event for those participating in the "Brits at Beach". The British cars gathered at Grahamstown before heading to the Kopu Bridge for 'Brits in the Bridge'.

Sixty classic British cars took the unique opportunity to drive and park on one of New Zealand's longest single lane bridges. A world record! Drivers, passengers and onlookers were all happy to have been part of the day. The cars rolled onto the bridge from just after midday before stopping at the western end - the cars reached from the end of the bridge, back to the end of the swing span.

 Cars waited at the Kopu end before coming onto the bridge - just like the old days of waiting for the bridge to be clear.


Even 'Mr Whippy' ventured onto the bridge and was an instant hit - the snow freeze cones a welcome relief in the heat of the midday sun.


A wonderful prelude to the Thames Heritage Festival weekend event - Pre-dinner Promenade on the Historic Kopu Bridge Saturday 16 March 5 to 7pm. SEE YOU THERE!

More Photographs and Videos:
Available at the Brits at the Beach Facebook Page.