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Early Schools on the Thames Goldfields, New Zealand (1872)

Different sources give the names and locations of schools slightly differently, needless to say if you can't find your relatives in the school records that still exist, it certainly DOES NOT mean they didn't attend any school. There were many private schools in Shortand and Grahamstown (Thames), miners and business folk alike, seemed very keen that their children received an education.

This article written in 1917 for the reunion lists the schools that existed in 1872. They were:
Thames Academy - C R ROBERTSON (This could be Mr Robinson's that was on Waiokaraka Flat near Queen & Cochrane st - if not this is a separate school)
Shortland School - Mr MCKEE (located corner Sandes and Richmond St - later Kauaeranga Girls School site )

Karaka School - Mr, Mrs and Miss JONES (located in area of todays Thames Bowling Club)
Ladies Seminary - Miss CARY
Hauraki School, Shortland - J FLETCHER (One source gives location as present School of Mines site)
Mackay Street- Mrs PHELP
Grahamstown - Mrs SKEEN
Murphy's Hill - Mrs SINCLAIR
Wesleyan school, Grahamstown - Mrs and Mrs BEAUMONT

Thames Star 1 Aug 1917
In the Evening Star 26 August 1878, there was a thankyou note from Mr JONES of the KARAKA School, informing that he was leaving Thames and that Miss JONES would be continuing. He thanked people for their patronage over the last nine years - making the opening of the school c1869.

OTHER INFO on early schools (Click here)

REMEMBER: School records available at Thames Library, The Treasury, Thames and indexed on NZSG Index 5 CD. There is also a new CD on School records by the Thames Branch NZSG, available for sale at The Treasury, Thames

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