Monday, September 26, 2011

Thames (NZ) Videos at Youtube - Trains

I hadn't explored Youtube for Thames information, until I needed a place to put my Thames Postcards Video, but already today I have found a couple that may be of interest, particularly to the rail enthusiast.

Two videos back in the 1980s of a train from Paeroa to Thames, then pulling in and leaving Thames Railway Station. They bring back alot of memories and will be of interest to show newcomers and younger folk, just how important trains were to Thames!

When Thames had a railway Part 1 - At 5.30 min you cross the Kauaeranga River Rail Bridge into Thames, past Toyota Car factory and stop at the Shortland Wharf.

When Thames had a Railway Part 2 - shows coming into the Thames Railway station and then views back from the wharf. Later showing the train heading back out of town.

Dunnage Postcard showing a Train leaving Price's Foundry, Beach road, Thames

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