Friday, September 30, 2011

Kneebone Street, Thames NZ 1881

Over the years, I have been trying to build up a list of Thames Streets and any changes. Yesterday, by chance the name of another street has emerged, that of KNEEBONE STREET.

A relatively new newspaper called the PENINSULA PRESS, contains articles by Meghan HAWKES. Meghan - called "Hawkeye: Coromandel snippets" and "Dead Cert" which looks at the names behind the headstones. Below is the article that was referred to (Evening Star 26/11/1881), it discusses the recent flooding on 25 Novemeber 1881 that affected ALBERT and KNEEBONE Streets. 

Initially I thought it may be a reference to BEACH ROAD, at the end of ALBERT Street, where Thomas KNEEBONE, Mine Manager, resided.  Then a reread, it appears to refer to the area nearer the base of the hill leading up to UPPER ALBERT STREET, so was it in the area of KIRKWOOD STREET.  So far, I can find no other reference to KNEEBONE STREET in Directories...the hunt continues. (For street map of present Thames, click here)

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