Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Methodist Church History - Thames, New Zealand

These days the Methodist Church in Thames is part of the Thames Union Parish, an amalgamation that happened between the Methodist and Presbyterian churches in Thames in 1973.

Reference material available Includes:
"Thames Union Parish, Some snippets of Early History" by Norma HAGGETT and Frank GLEN
"A Century of Light 1867-1967, Thames Methodist Church" by Hazel P HARRIS
Copies are  available at The Treasury, Thames, along with a collection of reference material in the David Arbury Collection. Other smaller mentions are made in the centennial booklets and local newspapers.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church on the Thames goldfields flourished soon after the opening in August 1867. Churches were established at Shortland and Grahamstown, as well as Sunday School and services at Shellback, Tararu. Remembering that many of the Thames miners were from Cornwall, and were already followers of the Wesleyan Church beliefs.

There was also Primitive Methodist Church in Thames, which eventually joined with the Methodist Church in 1913.

The Methodist Church shown in the photo below, had moved several times. First situated on the Corner of Brown and Cochrane Streets, then to the corner of Mary and Pollen Streets. The photo below is at corner of Mackay and Sealey Streets. This Church still stands to day at Gails of Tamahere and is used for Wedding receptions.
Thames Methodist Church and Centre, 3rd Sept 1967
From "The Century of Light"

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