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Thames (NZ) Letters in the papers of Sir Donald McLean

The Alexander Turnbull Library has numerous articles related to THAMES and the people of Thames; an easy to search collection is searchable online - these are the papers of Sir Donald MCLEAN, with many digitised and available to read.
The Papers of Sir Donald McLean, 1820-1877 Donald McLean (1820-1877) was arguably the most influential figure in mid-19th century New Zealand history. He was a dominant figure in relations between Māori and the Government during this tumultuous period.

Search parameters can be easily set, for instance KEYWORD THAMES nets 251 results.
Names include:
Henry Freeman ANDREWS:
4 pages written 20 Feb 1875 by Henry Freeman Andrews in Thames to Sir Donald McLean.

Alexander GRANT:
3 pages written 21 Aug 1876 by Alexander Grant in Thames to Sir Donald McLean

Annie Caroline LAWLOR:
6 pages written 21 Sep 1875 by Anne Caroline Lawlor in Thames to Sir Donald McLean

Martin H PAYNE (Dr):
2 pages written 11 Jun 1875 by Martin H Payne in Thames to Sir Donald McLean in Wellington

Daniel POLLEN:
2 pages written 9 Jun 1870 by Dr Daniel Pollen in Auckland Region to Sir Donald McLean

Plus many more. A little more on Daniel POLLEN, given that his name remains firmly cemented in the town - our main street being named after him, POLLEN STREET.
A biography available in the Cyclopedia Of New Zealand, Wellington.

Daniel Pollen, [ca 1873]

Reference Number: 35mm-00132-f-F
Daniel Pollen, circa 1873. Photographer unidentified.
Alexander Turnbull Library

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