Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thames (NZ) Records at Archives Auckland

It is easy to think that old records aren't available, but with time and a little effort, the material at Archives Auckland seems almost limitless.
Previously mentioned are the miners rights books, but there are many more.
You can search the catalogue via ARCHWAY

Here are but a few titles that may be of interest:
Thames Claim Plan Books (14352) - unknown - unknown range held: c.1869 - 1879, This series consists of books containing plans of mining claims administered by Thames Warden's Court.

Thames General Mining Records (15202) Holdings Dates 1896 - 1914, This series consists of general mining records kept by Thames Warden's Court.

Thames License Books - Grant of Special Claims (14398) Holdings Dates 1887 - 1899, This series contains Thames Warden's Court license books recording grants of special claims.

Thames Miners Right Butt Books (14345) Holdings Dates 1867 - 1868, This series consists of a number of butt books which contain copies of miner's rights which were granted by Thames Warden's Court.

Thames Resident Site Licences (15097) Holdings Dates 1879 - 1879, This series contains resident site licences issued by Thames Warden's Court.

Thames Wardens Butt Book Lost Miners Rights (14428) Holdings Dates 1868 - 1868, This series contains a butt book recording replacement certificates issued in place of lost Miner's Rights at Thames Warden's Court.

And so it goes on, for a wide range of dates, plus loads of court minutes, notes and letters.

A couple of examples below from one of the warden's books - water rights 1871 and 1868.

My special thanks to my 'archives-helper' Janette for sending me these; if anyone else finds anything interesting to share from archives....please email them to me (address top right of page)

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