Monday, February 13, 2017

Thames (NZ): Sundial on the Waiotahi hill

Over the years the sundial that was near the Peace Memorial has been a subject of conjecture. Did it exist, or something just imagined.

Well yes it did exist! The stand for it remains today, but the sundial and direction finder are long gone.

The Thames Star 30 January 1973 featured an article about a 'fact' on one of the indicators.

 The plaque claiming the arrival of Captain Cook to the area in 1869, when as the Kelly family pointed out should have read 1769.

I have seen photos of people standing by the sundial - if you have one please let me know.

Below is a 2016 photo looking towards the Peace Memorial.  The base of the sundial still stands today - lower right.

Update 17/2/2017: 1972 Group of people enjoying finding places on the direction finder.

Publicity Caption:
Auckland Coverage
View of Thames, Firth of Thames on right.

G. Riethmaier