Monday, February 20, 2017

Thames (NZ): Then & Now Collage - Band Rotunda (Victoria Park)

The purpose of these images, like the 'Then & Now' views, are to allow us to see the Thames as our ancestors did. In many cases the views have changed considerably in our lifetime alone, but for other areas the change has been more gradual.

When the Victoria Park was established and the Band Rotunda built in 1902 - the landscape was very different. The water literally cam up and in parts around the railway line on the seaward side of the park. While the view towards the Burke Street Wharf was clear, today completely obstructed by mangroves. The railway lines are long gone, the land to the west reclaimed and now the site of the Thames Croquet Club.

Above: Then & Now combined view, looking North-west from the Albert Street and Beach Road intersect.
Below: Left 2016 and Right c1902