Sunday, December 10, 2017

Thames (NZ): Hauraki Trucks and Truckers Book

Well, when you least expect it, another very original book about the greater Thames-Hauraki area. I was surprised walking into Carson's Bookshop today to see a book that had completely gone unnoticed by me...obviously not by many, as apparently it has been flying off the shelves!!

The book title is:
Hauraki Trucks and Truckers
Gavin M Abbot, Opotiki.

Its a good sized A4 soft cover book of 164 pages, the photographs of the trucks are full colour where available. Locally there is a feature on Verran's trucks, spreading out to the transport companies from Turua, Puriri, and further afield. Just too many to mention here, but names that are operating and those that are not. Such as: Wright, Fisher, Sarjant, White, Main, Brenan, Provincial, Shaw, Stembridge...

Anyone with a farming background, interested in transport or just history in general will find this a very interesting read, and trip down memory lane. Plus the book provides an excellent overview of the history of transport through the Thames valley during the 20th Century.