Saturday, December 9, 2017

Thames (NZ): Xmas Parade 9 December 2017

The town was packed today waiting for the annual Xmas Parade. Roads were closed along Pollen Street, while crowds gathered on the edge of the footpath, all wanting the best vantage point. The parade itself took over 30 minutes to pass by, with lots of lollies distributed to children young and old. The parade started at Grey Street at the south end of Pollen Street, and those participating must have been exhausted after the mile trek to the Grahamstown end of town.

A selection of photographs feature below, while a full set is on the slideshow.
Above: The Police Car's siren signals the beginning of the parade at 11am.


Schools from country and town were spread through the parade, aboard transport trucks - one of G Wright's trucks above. The band played, along with several other musical groups.

Thames Hospital chose the theme of uniforms through the decades. With different uniforms worn to represent nursing and cleaning staff. This was in preparation for the Thames Hospital 150 Commemorations 2-4 November 2018.

 The WWI Commemorative Nurses have featured in many parades since the start of the WW100 commemorations. They share a special place in our hearts at Thames, given the number of World War One Nurses who trained and worked at the Thames Hospital.


 There were several animals in the parade, many associated with the SPCA Float.

Always a popular addition to the parade, going back to when Mr Johnny Paynter always entered it into the parades. Now it has been given a makeover and proudly runs thanks to Jared Fisher Automotive.


 The star of the show, Santa Claus brought up the rear of the parade.

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