Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thames (NZ): Pahau Street revisited

One of the first views we have of Pahau Street, was taken from the Beach looking back at the Junction Hotel c1869. The iconic hotel is centre right in the photograph on the right - photographer James D Richardson. Source: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-3681-8

Pahau Street Facts:

  • the boundary line between Shortland Town and Grahamstown.
  • named after the Maori land owner Pahau who lived on and cultivated the land.
  • the Presbyterian Church was/is  located on the Shortland Town side of the street - land purchased from Ngatiawa Pahau,. 
  • on the first maps Pahau Street ran from Bella Street (east) to the sea. By the 1910s, the street had been shortened and ended at Queen Street.
  • the street has flooded many times from the overflow of the Karaka Creek (the course of which has been altered several times since the goldfield opened. (see photos at end of article)
The postcard below was taken by Muir & Moodie in the 1910s. The view west of the Pollen Street intersect, looking towards Bella Street to the east. All the main landmarks remain. The Junction Hotel, The St James Church and hall. Plus several of the houses on the Bird-in-hand hill above Bella Street remain to this day.

THEN & NOW: Pahau Street 1910s (above) and 2015 (below - Google maps)

In the 1923 Street Directory the following people/businesses were mentioned for Pahau Street.

Bella Street intersect                                                Bella Street intersect
John O'Reilly (constable)                                         George Smith (patternmaker)
Jack Doddrell (carter)                                               James Hogg (hairdresser) 
                                                                                  William Davey (blacksmith)
Mackay Street intersect                                            Mackay Street intersect 
Thomas Johnstone (church caretaker)                      Thomas Judd (Chas Judd Ltd)
                                                                                  Jonah Gardner (carpenter)
Martha Street intersect                                              Presbyterian Sunday School
Junction Hotel (John Kelly Proprietor)
Pollen Street intersect                                               Pollen Street intersect
Herbert Clinker (painter)                                          Fire Brigade Station (A Garrett Super)
Kirkwood Street intersect                                         Herbert Rose (Fire station caretaker)
Arthur Ludwig (fisherman)                                      Francis Long (iron moulder)
Charles Taylor (fish dealer)                                      John Smith (fisherman)
Queen Street intersect                                               Queen Street intersect

LEFT SIDE From Queen St                                   RIGHT SIDE From Queen St

 1985 - Pahau Street - the water has gone, the flood debris remains.
 ABOVE Left: 1985 Flood - view along Pahau Street to the east - flood cleanup underway.
ABOVE Right: The view looking west from the Pollen Street intersect to Queen Street.