Monday, July 23, 2018

Thames (NZ): Thamesites' connections to the 1859 Passenger ship Shalimar

Last year on the Thames Connect site, Thames researcher Carolyn, asked if there were any descendants from the Shalimar's voyage to New Zealand in 1859.

"I've been interested in genealogy for many years and at present, I'm researching a book which will trace the adventures of the passengers who came to settle in NZ on the SHALIMAR. The ship arrived in Auckland from Liverpool on 23rd December 1859. My mother's father's grandparents were on board and my aim now is to trace the descendants of some of the other passengers and collate their family histories as a celebration, in 2019, of the 160th anniversary of the ship's arrival. If any of your ancestors were passengers on the SHALIMAR in 1859 and you would like to join the Shalimar160 project, I would love to hear from you." Signed Carolyn.

Several of the passengers from this 1859 voyage are known to have come to the Thames; maybe more that have not yet traced??

Harriett White was a child when the ship arrived in Auckland December 1859, she had travelled with her family from Ireland. Harriett went onto marry Mr Napian Pollard, the couple lived for a time at The Thames, and he had shares in the great Caledonian Mine. They returned to Auckland in the 1870s, and Mr Pollard was for a time Mayor of Parnell. Mrs Harriett Pollard nee White died at Parnell on 1 January 1928.

If you can help locate more passengers from the Shalimar's 1859 voyage, 
please contact Carolyn via her new blog.


Further details on the Shalimar and passengers in the New Zealand 10 December 1859.