Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Thames (NZ): New seat on the walkway by the 'Burke Street' Wharf

I am always on the lookout to record new plaques and memorials around the Thames township. I was therefore delighted to see a new SEAT on the point adjacent to old Burke Street Wharf, on the south side of the Waiotahi Creek. The walkway is a great asset, and for those who perhaps can't walk too far, this new seat is perfectly located for a short walk and rest. A few more scattered along the waterfront would I am sure be appreciated by all.

Special thanks to Stepping Out Hauraki for the lovely gesture.

There is a plaque on the back of the seat that reads: 
"This seat was donated for your enjoyment by Stepping Our Hauraki
Rest, Relax, Enjoy!
Stepping Out Hauraki"

ABOVE: View from the new seat, looking west towards the old Wharf - once a bustling area of the old goldfield town.

BELOW: Photograph postcard showing 'P S Wakatere' at the wharf at Thames. The old piles that still remain of the old wharf, once held up a grand wharf, along which thousands boarded and unboarded the hundreds of ships that came to The Thames.
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 855-2