Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thames (NZ): Then & Now Pollen & Richmond St 1940s - 2019

The corner of Pollen and Richmond Streets, iconic for the old Brian Boru Hotel. What difference does eighty years make? Take a look below and see whats the same and what changes are apparent.

Many of the shops on the east side of the street between Sealey and Richmond Street are the same from the 1950s, but with new front facades...often it just means a sliding door and large windows,

It is on the north-east intersect that the biggest change has taken place, several shops replaced many years back with a garage and car yard. Previous buildings have housed Bobbet the butcher, bakers and a dry cleaning shop.

Just as well the south-east intersect has remained unchanged, while no longer a hotel, the classic Brian Boru Hotel remains, and is at least a bar/cafe on the western frontage.

My favourite landmark from this 1940s time period is the concrete strip that ran down the middle of Pollen Street. Something that heralded Thames had emerged from the depression and gold year slump and invested in this great new technology. Old photos show the cars (as traffic was not great) drove along the need for centre-line marking in those days.

THEN & NOW: Corner Pollen & Richmond Streets 1940s & 2019

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