Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Thames (NZ): Then & Now Poppet heads at north end of Pollen Street

The Kura Heritage Collections Online, (Auckland Council Libraries) continues to have a wealth of information. One can even download a copy of Mr Isdale's iconic booklet - History of 'The River Thames' NZ.

We have looked at some of the 'new' photographs, but wanted to take another look at the one of Poppet heads at Thames.

The Record description includes: Record id, 1596-362A, Title Poppet heads, Thames, Photographer unknown. Decades: 1910-1929, a lantern slide. Attribution: Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1596-362A; No known copyright restrictions.

 ABOVE: THEN - Poppet heads, Thames c1910
BELOW: NOW - Northern end of Pollen Street by the Williamson Street intersect. The 'old' Imperal Mine site left and the Saxon Mine in the distance at the intersect of Pollen & Albert Streets.

Poppet Head - The Bella Street Pumphouse have a plan to build a poppet head. The definition of a Poppet head is: the framework above a mining shaft that supports the winding mechanism.

What a different time, with structures such as these dotted around the old mining town.